Saúva (Sa-UUUUUUUH-vah)

Repeat after me: sa-UUUUUH-vaaah, sa-UUUUU-vaaah…
Yes, it sounds like the name of an ancient curse that the elders of the little town warn the foreigners about. You know, you may be right.

This ant, seen here feeding on a piece of wild chewing gum, is a big threat to your farming enterprise. The saúva, or Atta [...]

Ah, summer…

Hi :)

I’m embarrassed to have stopped posting and not have left any explanations.
Well you see, I started this blog in the winter, when it’s too miserable outside and terribly boring inside.
Now during the summer it’s very difficult for me to spend any time by the computer at all. I barely check my e-mail, let alone [...]

OMGOMG Baby spidersss

I went outside through the back porch and saw this:

Then I came closer….


It’s baby spiders by the dozens BAWWWWW! Arenttheycute?
If you don’t think baby spiders are cute you have no heart, no soul, YOU ARE DEAD INSIDE.

Ah, spring is wonderful.
I never saw a spider quite like this, yellow with a black triangle on the [...]

Mystery assassin bug

I’d like it to be the case that this international bug of mystery with so many hits on his belt is keeping its identity secret for stealthiness purposes.
But the fact it that I just don’t know what it is :D
You’d think that a bug with such striking features as this one would be pretty easy [...]

The size of an Armadeira

Spring is coming, and with it, many buggies will begin to visit my backyard. I hope to see lots of tiny Chicago creatures, and put my macros to work :)
While I wait, I decided to make a post about the Phoneutria sp. spiders again because, well, they’re awesome.
Armadeira is the common name of the Phoneutria [...]